What makes this development special?

Hobson Quarter is a neighbourhood where every detail has been meticulously planned and designed to make living easy, vibrant and full. Where beautiful spaces are shared and lives connected. Where childhoods are spent playing and exploring with new lifelong friends. A place where your new family story will become richer.

Hobson Quarter is about to begin with the construction of 39 terraced, beautifully designed, three or four bedroom homes to suit your lifestyle.

What am I purchasing?

You are purchasing a terraced house on a freehold (fee simple) title. A freehold land gives the greatest value and benefit to the owner in respect of enjoyment and use.

What does freehold mean?

Freehold is the most common ownership type of property in NZ and buying a freehold property means you own the property, the land, and the right to live there for as long as you choose to.

How many houses will there be in the whole development?

The development is designed to be completed in two stages, which would be rolled out over the next 2.5-3 years. The master plan is still underway for the next stage of Hobson Quarter.

How long will my house take to build?

We expect Stage 1 to be completed by late 2018.

What happens to rubbish?

Residents will be able to use Council Supplied Services and Recycling Bins will be provided to you by the Auckland Council.

What are the sustainability features to be included in my house?

All houses come with LED lights, water conserving toilets, taps, and showers. In addition, they all have double glazing, natural ventilation, and good sunlight.

What car parking is available for residents and visitors?

All terraces in Stage 1 include a single (Type Merlot) or double tandem garage (Type Cabernet, Syrah and Pinot), type Merlot and Cabernet also feature a parking pad.

How much deposit is required to purchase?

A buyer is required to put down a 10% deposit to secure their home (20% for non-residents). The remaining payment is not required until settlement.

Is my deposit safe?

Yes, your deposit is safe. It will be held in the trust account of the Vendor’s solicitor, Focus Law.

Can the price be increased from what is agreed on the Sale & Purchase Agreement?

No, the price that is agreed in the Sale and Purchase Agreement is the price that you will pay for your home.

Who is the developer?

Far East is a residential and commercial property developer located in Auckland. As part of the globally recognised JiaHe JianAn Group, Far East draws on 16 years' experience creating bespoke, high-quality developments in Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong and China mainland.

This multinational corporation prides itself on being an analytical developer. Far East partners its world-class experience with best-in-class local companies, to create developments tailored to the unique needs of each community.

Far East is fiercely dedicated to enhancing the communities in which they operate. They create developments that are beautiful and effortlessly functional, setting a benchmark for quality and design.

Apart from Hobson Quarter development, Far East also owns a 3406 m2 site adjacent to Albany Mall on the North Shore, earmarked to become an 18-floor complex of retail, car parking and over 200 residential apartments.

Can I make changes to the design?

Apart from the 3 colour schemes that you can choose from no changes can be accommodated in your house this is because all house design must be preapproved by the Council.

Does the developer have building warranties?

Yes, all houses will come with a 10-year Master Build Guarantees against defects in materials / workmanship, structural defects, rot and fungal decay. Certain building materials and works (such as electrical & plumbing) are warranted by the product warranty. Warranties will be provided on appliances and fit out materials used in the construction of your house as provided by the suppliers.

Will the house be watertight?

Much care has been taken in the design, product selection and build to minimise all risks. The house will also come with a weather tightness warranty from the builder.

Will my home be soundproofed?

All windows and glass doors are double glazed. The intertenancy walls of the home are soundproofed to building code requirements and confirmed with acoustic reports.

Is the property built to seismic codes in New Zealand?

Yes, this is a requirement for all new houses under the Building Code.

Is there a Body Corporate or Residents Society?

There will be a Residents Society. All Hobson Quarter home owners will be part of the Hobson Quarter Residents Society Incorporated.

What does a Residents Society mean?

The purposes of a Residents Society are principally: -

  1. The maintenance and upkeep of all the communal facilities within the development, such as

    landscaping, lanes, service areas, parks, and other community facilities.

  2. Preserve the consistent out look and aesthetics of the community;
  3. Providing an administrative structure for it to carry out its functions, which will include the

    committee, employment of a manager, setting owners’ levies, collecting levies to enable the Society to carry out its functions.

  1. Establishing by-laws (see answer below) that will ensure consistent practices and actions by owners, invitees and others that visit the community at all times.
  2. Enforcement of the by-laws to the benefit of all owners within the development as members of the Residents Society.

What are Bylaws?

The Residents Society’s Constitution allows the making of by-laws and rules to ensure that all owners and their invitees and others that visit the community act in a manner that is consistent with the Society’s principles and purposes. Such as matters relating to the speed and behaviour of drivers in the lanes and roads maintained by the Society as well as ensuring that the owners do not create unreasonable disturbances and nuisance in the neighbourhood. All of these serve to enhance the value of your property.

As a member, you have the opportunity to amend the constitution, from time to time, at the general meeting and after due process, as required by the constitution.

Can you give me examples of potential bylaws?

Bylaws could potentially cover a number of issues, for example:

  1. Rules of general behaviour, setting standards and requirement to apply to the use and

    enjoyment of all members, e.g. restrictions on business activities operating from houses.

  2. Howmanypet’smemberscanhaveandwhatmeasuresofsupervisionandcontrolmustbein

    place for those pets.

  3. Rulesaroundparkingandrestrictionsonparking.

Who runs the Society?

The owners at a general meeting will elect a committee of owners. The committee’s role is to run the affairs of the Society. The committee may appoint a manager and others individuals, to help it with the day-to-day running of the Development.

During the ongoing development phase, the developer will retain some control over the activities of the Society and its committee to ensure the overall integrity of the development.

For Stage 1, the constitution permits the committee to form a subcommittee of owners within stage 1. That subcommittee will consist of a maximum of 5 owners and be responsible for looking after the shared lane within stage 1. It will set maintenance levies, and keep the rules about the use and enjoyment of the shared lane that serves all owners within stage 1. That subcommittee must report to and be answerable to the main committee of the Residents society.

Why is a Residents Society a good thing?

Not only does a Residents Society reinforces the sense of being part of a community, it forms the voice for it. It serves to keep the value of the neighbourhood and assist with resolution of any local issues.

What will the annual levies be?

A schedule of levies for each property will be available from the sales agent. Levies are calculated by way of a fixed levy per house within the Hobson Quarter, together with a variable levy that will be calculated on the size of the house. Levies are estimated to be $500 per property for the first year. The Residents Society will levy annually. Payments may be payable on a quarterly basis in advance. The purpose of the levies is as set out in the answer to the question “What does a Residents Society mean?”.

Do we still pay Rates to Auckland Council as well?

Yes, you still need to pay rates to Auckland Council.

Can I rent my home out privately?

Yes, you may rent your home out but you will need to let the Residents Society know. All homeowners as members of the Residents Society must make written application to the Society if they want to rent their property and ensure that a form is completed by themselves and their prospective tenants. Tenants are required to abide by the Residents Society rules.

Can I have my pet live in my home?

The current rules will permit you to own one large or medium sized dog or two small/toy dogs or two cats or one dog of any size and one cat.